About Scott

Profoundly changed by the death of his kid brother Don, Scott found a deeper purpose in Jesus Christ and his songwriting reflects this change.

Almost all of his songs are intended to glorify God and bring listeners to our lord Jesus Christ.

Currently Scott lives in Redwood Falls, MN with his wife Jennifer and their 2 sons.

Scott was influenced early on by singer songwriters like Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Don Mclean, and Cat Stevens. Much like John Prine and Johnny Cash, Scott's gritty style and weathered vocals rely on emotion and well crafted lyrics to sell his songs.

Scott concentrates on telling stories that people can relate to. His ballads are written about real people and real life. He puts everything he has into his songs both lyrically and emotionally. A huge fan of the late Harry Chapin, Scott's philosophy is best reflected in the Harry Chapin ballad... "You are my only Song". In that song he writes:

"I'm so hoarse I can't hit the high notes
Just a whisper when I'm low.
But when you sing from the inside
You hope that something shows."

" If I can write a song that touches someone in the audience and I make a connection with that person on some level and the song moves that person to feel something...then as a singer songwriter I feel I've done my job. It's a great feeling when that happens"

Scott Jeffrey

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